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An opportunity to put your views to a new Prime Minister

Political change at Westminster means that the voices of businesses like yours have never been more important. We have a unique opportunity to get your views directly in front of a new UK Government as they begin to set their priorities for the months ahead.

The results of this survey will be anonymously shared directly with UK government ministers and officials, ensuring that any new administration is fully aware of the challenges and opportunities facing businesses around the UK.

In this survey, we want to hear about:

  • Your experience of supply chain disruption;
  • The impact of inflation;
  • Whether your trade with Europe has changed;
  • Your views on a possible switch back to imperial measures; and
  • What would help you to increase trade internationally.
Thank you for your continued support of this crucial research work to support UK businesses.

Shevaun Haviland
Director General
British Chambers of Commerce