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POLL: Your Brexit and trade priorities

This is a pivotal time for businesses across the UK and Europe. As negotiations on the UK's departure from the EU continue, the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) with COBCOE’s support, seeks to understand - in this five minute poll – your business’s trade and investment plans, how your business might be impacted by Brexit, and how you would advise the government where your business is based.

Recent surveys led by the BCC have enabled them to present evidence directly to UK government ministers, policy makers, and the media about how a range of policies are impacting UK businesses.

Following the Referendum result on 24 June 2016 triggering Britain's exit from the EU, COBCOE has delivered a Brexit research project raising awareness amongst politicians and negotiators of the business and economic issues faced by business across the EU, so that negotiations can be based upon reality and are able to deliver a successful outcome.

To further this work, we wish to gather the strongest possible evidence base from businesses across the whole of the EU as well as in the UK to provide the British Chambers of Commerce and COBCOE the real-world business input we need to better reflect your interests.

Thank you in advance for your support

Dr Adam Marshall
Director General
British Chambers of Commerce

Anne-Marie Martin
Chief Executive Officer
Council of British Chambers of Commerce in Europe